ESA Patches

For the purposes of this policy, the left and right sides of the uniform are noted as the shirt is being worn by the student. As you wear your uniform, your School Patch is worn over your heart, on the left side of your shirt as you perceive left. This means that you will see the School Patches on the right sides of the shirts worn by all other students, over their hearts. When you say the Pledge of Allegiance, your right hand will be placed over your School Patch, which is sewn onto the left side of your uniform.

Eagle Spirit Academy requires that certain patches are to be placed in specified locations on your dobok.

  • The School Patch goes over the student's heart. Every dobok has a school patch.
  • Academic Eagles (6 inch or 12 inch) go in the center of the back of the shirt. There will be only one eagle on the back of the dobok, and the eagle-patch will be the largest eagle that has been earned.
    • If a 6-inch eagle was previously earned and then a 12-inch eagle is earned at a later date, then the 6-inch eagle is removed from the dobok altogether and the 12-inch eagle is sewn into place on the center-back of the shirt.
    • If a 12-inch eagle is currently on the dobok and a 6-inch eagle is earned, the 12-inch eagle remains on the shirt.
  • The "Academic Achiever" rectangle patch is sewn between and slightly above the tips of the wings of the Academic Eagle.
  • All other patches, regardless of their shape, are sewn onto the left arm starting at the top and working down to the elbow, descending down the left arm in the order that the patches were earned. Once the left arm is filled from shoulder to elbow, patches are sewn from the top of the right arm to the elbow, descending down the right arm in the order that the patches were earned.

Patches should not be placed on the elbow so as to restrict the movement of the arm or the fabric during training. Other "patch policies" have been employed in previous years at Eagle Spirit Academy. Your Instructor may issue verbal directions that supercede any or all of this written policy at any time or for any reason as the Instructor sees fit. Always follow the directions of your Instructor.