The KickFit Kids Program was designed by Eagle Spirit Academy specifically for young children who want to be exposed to the martial arts while having lots of fun. KickFit Kids channels the energy of young children in a positive way through a curriculum of physical activity and taekwondo techniques. We enhance the child's character, confidence and conditioning to guide the children to become dynamic and peak performers in everything that they do.

We have ESA students who have been trained to work with the younger students and give them the one-on-one attention that is important for building confidence in young children. These ESA class-assistants do a fantastic job of leading, mentoring, and assisting the young martial artists to become the best that they can be.

Children who are three through eight years of age will progress at their own pace through a self-defense and training curriculum including the skills and knowledge that they will need for the Regular TKD Classes. KickFit is built on the foundation and tenets of traditional taekwondo to protect against negative influences.

KickFit Kids is a comprehensive taekwondo program designed to increase self-protection, independence, character and physical conditioning.

Students in the KickFit Program will learn:

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Control
  • Following Directions
  • Stamina
  • Memory
  • How to handle friendly and unfriendly strangers
  • How to make smart decisions about drugs, alcohol and vices.
  • Discipline
  • Physical Coordination

KickFit Kids have their own belts and ranking system to better prepare the children for the regular Taekwondo classes. It is important that the children achieve at their own level as they develop the knowledge and skills that they will need when they move up to ESA's Regular Taekwondo Classes. The teaching philosophy incorporates consistent explanation, demonstration, repetition, correction, praise and reward. KickFit Kids is not just a sport or art, but a character development program that gives children the guidance in all aspects of their lives and our training can last a lifetime. Pick up a registration form at ESA's Training Studio or here on our website from our Hardcopy page.